Good Cop Gone Bad – A short play written be myself

I’m gonna be sharing my short play ever couple of days. So tell me what you think

Main Characters:
Anna – Mark’s wife, a registered nurse, 25
Mark – Police Officer, 29
Linda – Anna’s childhood friend, a model, 25
David – Linda’s ex, her agent, 27
Chief Brad – Mark’s Boss, 56
Victor Segalle – Drug dealer 30

Scene 1: Anna and Mark’s first year anniversary
Mark pulls Anna as they enter into their favorite restaurant
Mark: Don’t open your eyes or you’ll spoil the surprise
Anna: you’ve been tormenting me way too long, can’t I at least have a quick peek of where we are?
Mark:  No don’t you dare! Just wait a couple of more seconds.
Just then…
Everyone: Surprise!!! Happy anniversary!
Anna (shocked): Oh my God!  You wouldn’t have been able to pull something like this! It’s amazing to see everyone and you are amazing my love. It’s been a year since we exchanged our vows and not a second goes by without me loving you more!
Mark (blushing): Only the best for my princess.
Music plays and everyone is dancing and Anna and Mark chat with their friends. Door opens.
Linda: Hello! There they are; the sweetest couple ever. (Hugs both Anna and Mark) You stole my best friend from me! How is he treating you hun? (Stares at Anna)
Anna: It’s been a great year, and I can’t believe you’re here. Last time I checked, you were on your way somewhere between Paris and Luxemburg with that Spanish hottie, what was his name, David.
Linda: Yeah, something of that sorts.
Anna: Anything wrong happened?
Linda: Well, I don’t want to put you down…
Anna: Tell me please…
Linda: We broke up the minute we reached the Italian borders; I caught him with his tongue down the flight attendant’s mouth. He was feeling her up! It was disgusting.
Anna: Oh my….
Linda: Don’t sweat it! I got my payback; I threw his stuff onto the docking area, and left.
Anna: you sure know how to get a man to never forget your face.
Linda: Forget my sad story, the good thing is now I’m on a vacation and have decided to stay here! Hope you know a  place I could crash in?
Anna: You’re not staying anywhere, except with us. Right honey?
Mark: Oh… what? Yeah, sure no problem! We always have an extra room at our house.
Linda: No I can’t barge in like that. You probably want your space.
Anna: no we insist.
Mark’s phone rings.. *buzz* *buzz*
Mark: Sorry guys, I have to take this, it’s the chief.
Mark goes out to the terrace


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