Good Cop Gone Bad – Scene 2: The phone call

Mark: Hello Chief Brad. To what do I owe this pleasant call?
Chief: Shut up Officer Mark. I need you to get down to the station now, to handle your next special assignment.
Mark: But sir, this is my first anniversary. And I took the week off so I can spend it with my wife.
Chief: No buts Mark, this is an order.
Mark: I’ll be there in 20 minutes, sir.
Chief: have a good day Mark.
*end call*
Linda comes up from behind, she’d been listening to his conversation.
Linda: how will Anna take this?
Mark: Jeez Linda you scared me. I don’t actually know. She’s been excited for me taking a vacation. We even co-synced our vacations, so we can have sometime to see each other.
Linda: Well then, she’s going to be really pissed with it all. Thankfully, I’m here.
Mark: Yeah, but it’s just not fair to have to leave her again to see what this assignment is.
Anna walks onto terrace and sees them both looking distressed.
Anna: what’s up? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!
Mark: Baby, I just got another assignment. I’m sorry. I had a whole week of romance planned.
Anna: hmmm… It’s fine dear. Just come home as soon as possible.
Mark: I promise you I’ll always come home.
Linda: oh how cute. Now get outta here. Finally I can spend some time with my girl and talk behind your back.
Mark: Ha Ha.. Don’t talk too much. And I’m sorry again Anna. I’ll see you when I get home sweetheart.
Anna: Hurry home, and stay safe.


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