Good Cop Gone Bad – Scene 4: At Chateau Lumiere

Mark pulls out of his car, gives his car to a creepy valet guy, and heads in. He tips the bouncer with a 100$and lets him in. Mark walks around then finally sits on the bar, and chats up the bartender.
Mark: Great night you seem to be having here.
Bartender: Yes. There hasn’t been a night quite like today!
Mark: Can you get me a glass of whiskey, no ice. (Claps bartenders hand and hands him a 100$)
Bartender: (Laughing) Is that all you need?
Mark: Well, no! Do you know if the Reaper is around?
Bartender: What’s in it for me?
Mark: Another $100 and a good talk to for the rest of the night.
Bartender: True that. Haha. (Points over at a corner where a 30 year old guy in a rugged-tough guy look sits there.) That’s Victor. Be gentle cause he bites. Haha
Mark: Thanks man!
Mark walks over, with two drinks, toward Victor’s table. Victor looks awkwardly at Mark who places the drinks on the table in front of them.
Mark: I’ll cut to the chase. You don’t know me, but I know you. And I heard that you can get me what I want. (Sniffs)
Victor (in a deep Latino voice): Well, you’re a tough guy. 
Mark: I have to be, in a world of injustice and tough love.
Victor: I like you. You’re honest and brutal (he sips from his glass) and have a great taste in alcohol. Call me at this number, and I’ll give you the details. We may do business together.
Victor puts two lines of cocaine on the table. He sniffs his side, and tells Mark to go ahead. Mark prays for God’s forgiveness and does exactly what he has to do. Mark enters into a deep state of rush and ecstasy. Mark is grinning from ear to ear.
Victor: It’s got ain’t it? Hahaha I can’t get over that feeling. (Victor hands a pouch of cocaine to Mark) Consider this as a gift.
Mark leaves the night club at around 2 am after drinking, dancing, making out with girls, and enjoying a chat with Victor, forgetting that he has a wife at home.


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