Good Cop Gone Bad – Scene 5: The Return He

Mark enters his house silently and notices the light in the guest room on, and wonders whether Linda is still awake. He knocks gently on the door, and enters slyly into her room.
Linda: Oh God! You scared me! I guess you just got home.
Mark: Yes! Is Anna awake?
Linda: No she’s asleep since 11 pm. So what have you been up?
Mark: Nothing, assignment. You look really stunning today like you looked a teenager. Good thing your not underage or I’d arrest myself.
Linda: Are you coming to Mark? Are you drunk?
Mark comes closer and kisses Linda more passionately. More passionately than he ever kissed Anna
Mark: Well, does that explain your question?
Linda: But what about Anna, I can’t do that to her. We can’t do that to her.
Mark keeps kissing her and whispering: What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I’ve wanted you since forever, but you left and left me with Anna. I love Anna, but I love your body, your soul, your sensuality.
Mark pushes Linda onto the bed, climbing on top of her; tears off her pajamas, leaving her with nothing but her underwear. He starts kissing her neck then penetrates her mouth with his tongue and leaves her breathless. He fondles her like caressing some crystal glasses hoping she won’t break. Once he couldn’t take it anymore, tears into her and penetrates her like there is no tomorrow. Holding her mouth so she wouldn’t make a sound and when finally is done, finishes into her, and falls on top of her, caressing her gentle lips with a kiss.
Linda (Breaks the silence): What now?
Mark: (Laughing) We do that again?!
Linda: I mean what are we going to tell Anna. It’s not like we can go on like nothing happened?
Mark: Linda, Anna is naïve. She wouldn’t know what’s happening unless you told her. Now you wouldn’t want to do that to her. Not with the fire that occurred between us. Linda, you have to admit that we both needed it.
Linda: I know there was a spark. But she’ll hate me more than she’d hate you.
Mark: (puts his finger on Linda’s lip) I promise you, that it’ll be our secret.
Linda: hmm… I hope so.
Mark: Now do u want to do that again? Or what? (winking)
Linda: Just close the door this time!
Mark(Laughing): Sure and keep your voice down.
They fall into each other again and again, until they can’t take it anymore. Mark walks around 5 am and lays down next to his wife, like nothing had happened.


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