Good Cop Gone Bad – Scene 6: The next week

For the next week, Mark continues partying with Victor Segalle, doing drugs, and fucking his wife’s best friend, Linda. For the whole time, Mark gains Victor’s trust. Anna didn’t know anything, since Linda and she did a lot during the day that she was super beat at the night. Once Anna fell asleep, Mark would enter into Linda’s room and they’d have the time of their life.
*buzz* *buzz*
Mark: Hello
Victor: Well, if it isn’t my favorite guy in the world. Well, I need you tonight, at 9 pm to get your favorite stuff, if you know what I mean.
Mark: Sure. Need me to bring anything?
Victor: Just yourself and wear something warm.
Mark: Sure thing then. Text me the details and see ya tonight.
*hangs up* Mark directly calls Chief Brad.
Mark: Chief. I’ve got something you’d love to hear.
Chief: Spill it Mark. I don’t have time for games.
Mark: Send me backup to the address I just emailed you, and I need a fat bonus after this is over. And a VACATION!! (Shouting through the phone)
Chief: Sure, just make sure you do it right.  See you at 9 pm.
*hangs up*
Anna walks from behind, and startles Mark when she taps on his shoulder.
Anna: Everything alright sweety?
Mark: Sure everything will be when this is all over.
Anna: Can you tell me what’s happening?
Mark: You know honey I can’t tell you that. I don’t want to jeopardize your life.
Anna: But you will once it’s over, right?
Mark: I will, and take you to the most amazing trip ever.
Anna: haha you’re silly. Thankfully I was able to extend my vacation for another week.
Mark pulls her to him, and buries her face in his palms, and kisses her.
Mark: I love you. Remember that and promise me you won’t forget that.
Anna: I promise you. I love you too.
Mark: I have to go, and say hi to Linda when she wakes up. I haven’t been able to catch up with her since I got this assignment.
Anna: She’s leaving today. She got back with David, and she’s heading out to a photo shoot in Puerto Rico.
Mark: I guessed they’d work it out.
Anna: Sweetheart, Promise me you’ll come home safe.
Mark: I promise you.


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