Good Cop Gone Bad – Scene 7: The Heist

It’s 9 pm and Mark reaches the harbor were Victor told him to. It was a chilly night, and he had worn a winter jacket, under which was a bullet proof vest. He hid his gun and awaited Chief Brad’s signal, till he had proof.
Mark walks toward where Victor is standing, at the edge of sidewalk looking towards an open ocean. Then he and Victor move toward a warehouse, no different looking than the others.
Victor: Ready to see what we’re all made of?
Mark: Never been more ready.
Victor: Let’s open that crate. (Mark and him open the crate by using a crow’s bar). Isn’t it the most beautiful thing that you can see?
Mark: (stares blankly) It’s just a bunch of fur coats.
Victor: You’re still naïve aren’t you? (laughing hysterically) touch them and see what they are made of.
Mark touches them and they feel like something hard under the line of fur. He looks closely and notices the sewing underlining the fur, it’s recently done. He then tears it open, and diamonds more brightly.
Mark: Is that what I think it is?
Victor: Yes, I know. They’re my precious blood diamonds from Zimbabwe.
Mark: Wow! They’re amazing. Thanks man for showing them to me. That shows how much you trust me.
Mark sends a signal to his boss and takes his gun from hiding.
Mark: You are under arrest for smuggling blood diamonds into the country.
Victor: (shocked) what’s with that man??!! I thought you had my back.
Mark: anything you say can and will be used in court of law.
Mark continues reading Victor’s rights, as a squad enters and arrests Victors and puts the whole warehouse under control. Mark leaves the warehouse after Victor was put in the car.
Chief: You can leave on your vacation.  You deserve it.


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