Good Cop Gone Bad – Scene 8: The final scene

Mark enters the house as Linda is taking her stuff downstairs.
Mark: I’ll help you with that.
When they’re finally alone…
Linda: I’m sorry to leave at such short notice, and you and Anna have been nothing but amazing to me.
Mark: well, it was nothing.
Linda: let me finish. It would never have worked between us. We both have different views on life, we love different things, but we agree on one thing, we both love Anna and care about her. So, that’s why I’m leaving. We can’t do that to her. And one more thing (more quietly) I’ll always cherish our moments, but they’re just moments.
Mark: I understand that. I hope you an amazing life, just as amazing as you are.
Mark walks her to the cab, knowing he won’t see her again. He walked up back to his apartment to his loving wife, knowing that the past won’t be forgotten but won’t be relived again.

The End


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