About me

About me:

I’m Malak. A ’94 Lebanese summer child. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Life and Earth Sciences, with a 1st year Master’s degree in Plant Biology and Environment, and accepted in 2nd year in Phyto-Ecology.

When I was a Biology student, people would ask me:

  1. Why don’t you apply to Med school? I did and didn’t get in. It probably wouldn’t have been a good thing, although I do appreciate the work of MDs.
  2. What will you do after college? You can’t do anything but become a teacher? I may tutor, but having a Biology degree doesn’t equal getting stuck in teaching unless you want that, then that’s your choice. As for me, I want to do good for the world by finding sustainable and affordable ways to combat impacts of climate change.

In 2011, I set a 5-year and 10-year goals in my desired field of oncology (cancer science), but life took a turn and I found my true calling for environmental science and with an emphasis on water. I like what I do and very proud of what I have accomplished at a young age.

About my blog:

What I hope to achieve from my blog is to offer inspiration and advice to the young generation… (Pshhh I’m not that old. Just 22! ). My blog will be a general lifestyle blog. Now you’re probably like, oh no! Not another one of those!

Nope… It’s not one of those… I will talk about what people really want to hear. It will be like Carey Bradshaw minus the sex * My mom reads my blog *.

It will feature different topics, how-to, real-life experience stories, reviews about makeup, books, and movies, as well as science stuff and my artistic side, and the occasional update into my life and achievements that I hope to be proud of…

Random Facts About Me:img_20160724_234756

  1. I talk. A Lot!
  2. I can never respect people that are lazy.
  3. Bookaholic (English and Arabic). You should see my bookcase.
  4. Very hard working person, and always giving 200% on each work, that’s why I get burned out easily and nag a lot.
  5. Runs on Coffee. (Turkish and Creamed coffee)
  6. Curly haired. (#TeamNatural)

I would love to hear from all of you, so leave a comment or email me at  wanderlessinbeirut@gmail.com


15 thoughts on “About me

  1. hellow there, great blog, just to ask what LU are you studying in? is it the one in Harrir universal city? because then we might be neighboors, am doing engineering there, first year too 🙂
    by the way, how did you do in the exams? hope you done well 🙂


      1. dont get nervous none did well, i dont want to show off, but at engineering we have exams 10 times harder than yours, and i have friends that were between the first in lebanon, yet they didnt do well, they are scared of failing


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